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JOIG is focused on the view of state-of-the-art and emerging image, video, and graphics accelerations arranged towards discovering solving methods in catching the issues and challenges that the people confronts in the future and looks forward for smart life. These technologies make necessary as an advanced, different aspects, and convergent way and sight at driving advancements in processing of image and graphics both to raise people’s daily life in many approaches and to satisfy the requirements of future. All papers will be blind reviewed and accepted papers will be published quarterly.
Important Notice: JOIG will only accept new submissions through online submission system.

Latest Articles

01Depth Reconstruction Based Visual SLAM Using ORB Feature Extraction
Yatharth Ahuja, Tushar Nitharwal, Utkarsh Sundriyal, Sreedevi Indu, and Anup K. Mandpura
02A Comparison of Applying Image Processing and Deep Learning in Acne Region Extraction
Chengrui Zhang, Guangyao Huang, Kai Yao, Mark Leach, Jie Sun, Kaizhu Huang, Xiaoyun Zhou, and Liqiong Yuan
03Camera Radial Distance-Based Accuracy of a Bacterial Blight, Brown Spot, and Rice Blast Plant Disease Identification System for Remote Communications
Christian Jeremy N. Canlas, Cayla Mari M. Cortez, Ravin Angelo M. Dela Cruz, Jasmine Rone G. Padua, Anna Grachiel G. Timbol, Jelly G. Yumul, Emmanuel T. Trinidad, and Lawrence Materum
05Semantic Manga Character Sketch Generation
Kittinun Aukkapinyo and Seiji Hotta

Featured Articles

03People Detection with Depth Silhouettes and Convolutional Neural Networks on a Mobile Robot
Florian Spiess, Lucas Reinhart, Norbert Strobel, Dennis Kaiser, Samuel Kounev, and Tobias Kaupp
04Single Image Super Resolution Techniques Based on Deep Learning: Status, Applications and Future Directions
Ying Liu, Yangge Qiao, Yu Hao, Fuping Wang, and Sheikh Faisal Rashid
06Feasibility Study of Intersection Detection and Recognition Using a Single Shot Image for Robot Navigation
Takuto Watanabe, Kouchi Matsutani, Miho Adachi, Takuro Oki, and Ryusuke Miyamoto


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The journal publishes full research papers. So only full paper submission should be considered...[Read More]

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